Marine Species Registers for the Northwest North Atlantic Ocean

This site features species lists, or registers, for regions of the northwest North Atlantic Ocean. Each list spans diatoms to marine mammals, giving scientific and common names, synonyms, standardized classification, species ranges, other information, and references for each species.

You can search each register for a particular species using the Search function or through the Classification function. Both common and scientific names can be used in the search. The Classification function also gives the complete species register for the chosen body of water.

Click on Background for details on the content of these registers. The Bay of Fundy list and site were developed from our museum holdings and previous web products, the scientific literature, and the web. As an internship project 1) the Canadian Atlantic register (Davis Strait to Cape Cod Bay) was compiled starting with the Bay of Fundy list; 2) from this the Gulf of Maine list was developed using every species with a range including Gulf of Maine waters; 3) the Canadian Atlantic register was expanded into the Northwest Atlantic list (Arctic to Cape Hatteras). Each species common to more than one list contains identical information. These registers must be considered as preliminary compilations. Taxonomic updating and validation are ongoing but will not appear on this site until a formal update and redesign are done.

For species of the northeast North Atlantic see The European Register of Marine Species (ERMS). A new site integrating the northwest and northeast sites into a comprehensive species list for the North Atlantic is the North Atlantic Register for Marine Species (NARMS). That site will continue to grow with incorporation of our northwest North Atlantic taxonomic updating and validation.